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Blade Console Table.jpg

Blade Acrylic Furniture Collection

'The details are not the details, they make the design' (Charles Eames). This quotation, by renowned furniture designer Charles Eames is particularly apt in regards to the Blade acrylic design. By using special thick acrylic and adding a deep mitre to the edges, one detail totally transforms a simple design into something special.  The mitre detail bounces light around the room and its clean lines and simplistic design ensure it can sit alongside more traditional pieces of furniture.


The 'Blade' name CarewJones gave the collection was an obvious choice given its sharp, angular, knife-like appearance. Manufactured by a specialist British workshop, the design can be customised to different sizes and in various acrylic thicknesses with short lead times. The Blade is available as a coffee table, side table and console table.

View the Blade acrylic furniture collection below:

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