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The Redenham Acrylic and Glass Furniture Collection

The Redenham was designed over 35 years old and is still the best selling table in the collection. The Redenham looks as contemporary and current today as when Nigel Carew-Jones first designed it. The versatility of the Redenham acrylic and glass table is epic and spans across a whole spectrum of furniture: coffee tables, side tables, console tables, desks, dining tables, shelving units, T.V stands, drinks trolleys and display tables. 

The Redenham design owes its success to its versatility. It works beautifully in both traditional as well as contemporary interiors. It can sit alongside antique and modern furniture and is particularly useful at accentuating other aspects of a room. The Redenham coffee table is ideal at highlighting a decorative rug that other coffee tables might conceal. The Redenham console table can display a pair of unique beautiful lamps on the top surface whilst having a lower glass shelf for books and other objects.


The Redenham collection is manufactured in the U.K by a specialist British workshop with over 50 years experience.


If you wish to see further Redenham designs not featured on this page then please press the email button below. 

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