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The Cruciform Acrylic and Glass Furniture Collection


The Cruciform design is a very simple yet very effective pedestal base combined with an overhanging rectangular or shaped glass top. The base and top thicknesses start from 10mm but the acrylic base can be increased to 30mm thick. The glass top comes in 10mm, 12mm, 15mm and 19mm, with or without a bevel.


The table literally slots together to form a rigid structure and the base has often been combined with lacquer, timber, marble or stone tops. The design can be manufactured to any size and specification. The Cruciform design is a good option when access is limited as the base can be literally flat packed. Furthermore, as this design can be made in relatively thin acrylic material it is good option to consider where the budget is limited. 

To find out more about combining the Cruciform acrylic base with alternative tops press the button below:

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